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“Hitting the road”

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

This weekend we “hit the road” (Mose likes to sing the song as we drive.  “No more, no more, no more, no more…”)

We first went to Nashville, where I read to the nice folks at the enormously amazing Davis-Kidd, and saw old friends and new ones.  Not to mention corned beef at Noshville. Mmmmmm…

Then we continued on, despite insane gas shortages that required us to line up for forever at an Exxon, to Chattanooga, which is always wonderful. I just love it there so much!

Though I have too say that our breakfast at (the painfully hip) Aretha Frankestein’s was perhaps the most awful food experience I’ve ever had in Chatt, Mose’s complete wonder at the skate-and-dog-park, a walk along the river, and my cushy room at the Read House almost made up for surly bored waiters. Almost.  Though an apology would have been nice after they waited an hour to realize they’d lost our order.

Of course, I remember when I was the surly bored order-losing Chatta-waiter, so I  can’t be too mad.