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A tragedy, but not really…

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

So… we’ve been having a wonderful time out here on the road.  But today, we lost our camera.  While boating on a reservoir in Connecticut, I dropped it in!!!  So I wanted to just take a moment to list the places we’ve been, to help jog my memory later.

Blacksburg, VA (great visit with our friend Oz and his amazing parents)

Baltimore, MD  (monsoon with Grammie)

Brooklyn, NY (Williamsburg, then Park Slope, with a jaunt to Coney Island– East River Ferry, playground splashpad/watergun fight, box-house-building, our first root beer floats ever, Prospect Park, seeing Baxter on stage, etc)

Manhattan, NY (lots of Chinese food, foot rubs, Pearl River, first-ever booster-free car experience, subway rides)

Hudson Valley, NY (Kingston, Rhinebeck, New Paltz, Woodstock, Port Ewen, lighthouse tours, firehouse bazaar, fishing, diner with our friend Toby, swimming party on the mountain, mornings at the spectacular Apple Bin, five and dimes, awesome Oblong Books, getting to meet David Goldin in person, Lew’s birthday with Jenn!)

Stratford, CT (stupendous day of doves, bunny-releasing, kayaking and paddle-boating, a tour of an art studio, ice cream with goats!)

New Haven, CT (surprise dinner with Clark Mitten!)

Mystic, CT  (steamboat ride, unexpected beach afternoon, Mystic Seaport, a really good laundromat, pool hotel)

Jamestown, RI  (terrific shelling beach, sandcastle building, surprise sunset swim)

We’ve has some pretty remarkable adventures.  The Firehouse Bazaar was special, as was our lighthouse tour of the Hudson, Lew’s spectacular birthday lunch, our dinner at Congee Village, the swimming party in the lovely mountains above Woodstock, the play we saw at the YMCA in Brooklyn, and today’s surprise (besides the boating fun)– helping a friend release some rescued baby rabbits into the wild.

Here! A picture!  (courtesy of Cynthia von Buhler, who showed us a truly incredible time!)

(I’ll see if I can’t collect pictures from friends we’ve seen along the way, who might have taken snapshots with their phones, here and there)



Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Today we met my brilliant friend Jenn (who is basically my twin in so many ways I can’t even begin to explain it to you, since you– not being a twin– wouldn’t get the references) in her lovely home of Rhinebeck.  We celebrated Lew’s birthday!  Jenn took us for INSANE dessert…

And to the best five-and-dime in the world, where we bought all kinds of great stuff.

She also gave Lew a wondrous ball of magic birthday dazzle to unwind.

Mose was gobsmacked.

Lew was delighted.

Until he wasn’t at all.

But we shook that cranky mood out, and journeyed on.  To the next adventure!

(thanks to Jenn for the pictures. Mom will likely send you  a fruit basket or something, in appreciation)



And sometimes you screw up…

Friday, June 8th, 2012

And neglect to book a hotel room in a resort area, on the weekend, during “the season,” and  even if you wanted to pay $200 for a Quality Inn, you couldn’t find one with an empty room… and you are feeling stupid.

When lo and behold, over the hill, you see a sign for a tiny motel, right on the water, where the owner brings you kids a fishing net, to “catch cool stuff to look at” and then offers to take you all out in a rowboat.

And when you drive into “town” you find a cheap-but-wonderful pizzaria, with huge subs and a friendly woman, who tells you where to find the playground.

And then, on the way back to your waterfront room, with a car-full-of-oregano, you discover the Fire House is hosting a Bazaar for a few days, complete with funnel cake and bouncy houses, and ring-toss games.

And when you go back to your room, your kids ask when you’re going to do the blessings.  So, with sub-roll and a video of someone else lighting candles, you say the words.

And it’s Shabbat on the road.

Fun is where you find it….

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Passed through a lovely day in Blacksburg, a monsoon in Baltimore, and now we’re having ourselves a time.

Apartment living in Brooklyn!