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And then it was spring again…

Thursday, March 18th, 2021

And we began to emerge…

I have my second shot on Tuesday, in Alabama (a whole other story).  Now, I’m looking into whether the boys can go back to school for a few weeks, see non-family humans again, laugh and joke and learn with their friends.  I’m allowing myself to hope that I might get to teach in person again, this summer. I’m thinking about travel and school visits and book events. I’m crossing my fingers that we can have some sort of in-person bar mitzvah ceremony/celebration for Lew, a year and a half late. We have grandparents coming to visit (all of them are fully vaccinated, for which I’m so grateful).  And I’ll see two of my three siblings for spring break in the mountains.

We have so much catching-up to do!  We need dentists and doctors and clothes that fit and ALL the hugs. I miss the world so much.

And yet… we’ve learned a lot this year. About ourselves, and the things from the Before-times that we maybe don’t want to return to. Life before was busier than it needed to be, maybe a little over-full. As we emerge, I want to be sure I don’t let the world swallow me. I like gardening, and journalling, and eating meals together. I like spending lots of time in my office. I am thankful for the friendships that have deepened in this season, however remotely, and for the new things I’ve learned to do.

But oh, I’m looking forward to the world.