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Tears, actual tears…

Monday, June 10th, 2013

In case you don’t think I’m cheesy enough already, here’s a picture of me opening the sketches for my next picture book, SWAN.

Seriously, I cried.  I had this weird little uncontrollable rainstorm.

It looks exactly as it did in my head, exactly. The little girl I once was and the little girl I still am and the Russian ballerina I always wanted to be… they got all tangled up and happy and started weeping.

Mose and Lew thought it was pretty interesting.

So, since I was sitting there in front of my computer at the time, I snapped a picture.

(I’m so shy, and reserved, and private, don’t you know?)

I just wish I could show you the sketches!  But someday, someday…

What’s that? You wish I had a mailing list you could join?

Saturday, June 8th, 2013



I promise not to send emails more than once or twice a year, when I’m looking to set up a skype tour, or I have free advance copies of a book to give away, or I’m sending out batches of temporary tattoos and stickers, or I’m planning a visit to your town…

Basically, when I have major news and fun stuff to share.

PLease join?  I don’t want to have to spam former employers and dentists (who happen to be saved in my contacts list, poor things) every time I want to tell YOU I have a new book coming out.

Which I DO have… four times in the next two years!  EEP!

SO yeah, join up!  It’s super easy.  Look, you can do it right here!


Pub day!

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

My new book is (appropriately) out in the “wild” today!

For summer campers, everywhere!