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The Beastly Collective!!

Friday, March 20th, 2020

Hey, folks!

Wow, everything is suddenly weird and different, but life goes on, and so do stories.

Today, I’m writing with a request. I’ve written a story that has no ART, and art is important. Locked in my house this way, I’m reaching out to folks who might be inspired to make and share art for my story. Give a listen to the story time, and then, draw or paint or sculpt me a collective of YOUR favorite animal, and I’ll post them here.

Cool? Cool. Check out the amazing art that’s already come in!





And an ERST of BEES!


Keep em coming!

Waking up the blog…

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

The world is different than it was a few weeks back, huh?  I find myself thinking it might be a good time for a more regular record of what’s going on… so I’m waking up the old blog.

The  Coronavirus (Covid 19) has hit everywhere, and while we aren’t in a full lockdown yet here in Atlanta, things feel… odd. My family is staying inside mostly, or working in the yard. Once a day we take a walk, but we carry a lacrosse stick with us, to make sure we stay 6 feet away from other folks.  We cook a lot, and watch movies, and read. I’m feeling very lucky to have a screened porch for when it rains (which it does this time of year in GA, a LOT).

I’m writing, and that’s a very good thing.  As terrible as all of this is, there are blessings too. I’ve been spending a lot of time doing everything BUT writing the last few years, and this feels like a chance to refocus.

Two weeks ago, I was visiting schools in NY and NJ, still flying around the country. I was planning for my son’s bar mitzvah on June 13, which probably won’t happen now. I was having dinner with friends. Now, everything is different.

But life has to continue, right?  So I’ll take a shower, make the coffee! I’ll garden and clean out the closets. I’ll do what I can to support the agencies and organizations helping people get through this hard time (support your local food pantry, if you possibly can, and call your local government to demand rent/mortgage relief, and a freeze on utilities!) I’ll help my kids with their school work and learn to play an instrument.

Meanwhile, I’m going to be posting some content to my Youtube channel, for parents who might like some storytimes and writing activities. This is me reading CHARLIE & MOUSE OUTDOORS (book 4), and offering a little explanation of fiction/nonfiction, as well as a loose writing prompt, that might require a pillow.