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ForeWord thinking…

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

This is pretty awesome…

I never, in all the thinking I’ve done about Inside the Slidy Diner (which is a lot of thinking), considered the book to be investigative reporting.  But ForeWard This Week says:

“Two books to be released this fall delve into the dark side of the food on our tables. And a children’s picture book may be the first kids’ expose on the sanitary conditions of greasy spoons.”

How cool is that? Whitney Halberg goes on to describe:

Inside the Slidy Diner (Tricycle Press, 978-1-58246-187-8), a picture book by Laurel Snyder, depicts the greasiest of greasy spoons. Young Edie must spend her days working at the Slidy Diner after being caught stealing a lemon drop from behind the counter. Inside, bugs and rodents crawl across the floors and counter, food that’s dropped on the floor is picked up to be served again, and the items on the menu are more than a little suspicious. The proprietor, Ethelmae serves pumpkin asparagus pie and coffee that gives you hives. The bathroom is “deep underground, below the cellar.”

Snyder is the author of a children’s novel and several books of poetry. This is her first picture book. Slidy Diner is the fourth book illustrated by Jaime Zollars. Both author and illustrator have worked at waitresses. Kids will be thoroughly grossed out when they look closely at Zollars’ incredibly detailed illustrations: a frog runs on a hamster wheel and the chocolate chips seem to be crawling away from a plate of cookies. A group of men watch a mouse race, while a flock of birds attacks a waitress.

Thanks, ForeWord!!!