“Melissa Manlove at Chronicle has bought two beginning readers from Laurel Snyder, in a debut series called Charlie and Mouse, a collection of stories about the daily adventures of two curious brothers. Publication is set for spring and fall 2015. Tina Wexler at ICM negotiated the deal for world rights.”

I am very very very very excited about this.  Mose (Charlie) and Lew (Mouse) are pretty thrilled too!!!

The inspiration for these stories (besides the boys themselves) came from my friend Susannah Richards. She was here, taking a walk with me in my very special neighborhood, Ormewood Park.  She had just finished taking a picture of a Little Free Library when  she said, “You should write about this place. We need neighborhood books”

It had been in the back of my head to try to write about the boys, but somehow, her comment shook something loose in my brain… and THIS was what happened.

One super cool thing about the deal is that the editor, Melissa Manlove, was cool enough to suggest that we let the boys pick their own names.  A way of including them in the process.  Isn’t that awesome?

So, yeah.  Remember when I took off this summer, to scribble some picture books? Well, sometimes a little time off is a good thing!!

2 Responses to “BIG NEWS!!!”

  1. Jessica Lawson Says:

    I just read about this deal on PW Children’s Bookshelf~ wonderful news!! Very cool to hear about the background inspiration. And I bet your boys are super excited~ how many kids get their own book? :)

  2. Sharon Creech Says:

    Whoah! Love how this happens and love that you mention Susannah Richards — I love her dynamo spirit and knowledge. xx SC

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