Scribbling and scribbling and scribbling.

Taking the spring to write new bits, to try things I’ve never done before. New forms, silly ideas. It is a GREAT luxury.  I haven’t had a season like this in years and years.  I haven’t just let myself play since I was in grad school, before the boys were born and I sold my first novel.

I hope something comes from these scribble-months. But even if I end up with nothing remotely publishable?

It’s still time well spent!

(and the scribble above was stolen from Jane Massey’s awesome illustration blog. I hope she doesn’t mind!)

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  1. myxed333 Says:

    So EXCITED. Hello Laurel Snyder! I am an eleven year old girl from Philippines. Every month I visit your website to see your new posts. I like your books very very very very………..much! Anyway, I really think the scribble man is cute : D

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