Sometimes… there’s a moment.

It’s 10:58 and the house is quiet. Chris is reading a thick book in the other room. Mose and Lew  are asleep in their beds.  I spent the day playing with the boys, getting a luxurious haircut, and having coffee with a friend. Then I made and ate a fairly healthy dinner. After that I talked with my sister on the phone for about an hour. The bills are paid and the fridge is full and the clothes aren’t quite spilling over the top of laundry hamper.  I worked out twice this week.

So now I’m just sitting with a drink in the semi-darkness, watching (absolute) crap TV. Tomorrow I have 3 hours to write, alone, in my bed if I like.  If I like.

Also… there are some gummi raspberries on the top shelf that nobody else knows about.

My life is a very very very very good one.

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