Kidlit Drink Night, Georgia-style…

The time has come!

For years now I’ve watched Cheryl and  Betsy blog about the Kidlit Drink Night in Manhattan.  I’ve watched, pea-green with envy.  I mean, I like Kidlit, and I also like drinks! And goodness knows I like gathering with people who like the things I like, to talk about said things.

Then, this fall, Jules picked up the ball and ran with it, in Nashville.  Again, I was jealous!

But if Jules could do it, I figured I could too… so I decided Atlanta needed to copycat this grand idea, and host a Kidlit Drink Night of its own.

Now, Ta da!  The day is here.

January 8th (this coming Saturday) at 6 pm, some people will gather at the Square Pub, in Decatur (picked largely because it is owned by the  talented son of the lovely Deborah Wiles, author-extraordinaire). Maybe we’ll only get a few this first time, maybe we’ll draw a crowd. No way to predict.  But we will gather.  To talk about books and writing and other semi-related things. Maybe we’ll gossip a little, and  share notes, and compare shoes, and sip a drink, and nosh a fried avocado, or a mess of sweet potato tots.

I hope we’ll get a mixed crowd of authors, illustrators, librarians and teachers, readers and reviewers, bloggers and friends.  I hope we’ll have fun.  I hope we’ll turn this into a regular event.

So spread the word!  And join us! Join our Facebook page so you can keep up with future locations.

The only requirement is that you like books for kids and young adults, and that you have a valid ID.

See you there!

11 Responses to “Kidlit Drink Night, Georgia-style…”

  1. shelli johannes wells Says:

    Ill be there :)

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  3. Gail Handler Says:

    I’d love to join y’all. I’ll see if I can get a ride. (I no longer drive)

  4. Madigan Says:

    I am so excited for this! I’ve been looking forward to a Kids Lit drink night forever… I even tried to get one started in L.A., which I found impossible.

  5. jennifer w Says:

    i cant make it this time, but i hope it succeeds!! i am a huge fan of cocktails and have a kid on the way. thanks for blazing a path!

  6. kris Says:

    I so wish I lived in Atlanta. I’m not sure I’ve ever uttered those words before…but there it is. :) I need to plan something like this in the Boston area…hmmm.

    Have fun!

    Kris A.

  7. Kathy Says:

    Hey Kris – Mitali Perkins and a few others have had KidLit pie night in the Boston area- follow her on Twitter to find out the details of the next one! I live in Atlanta but am from Boston and still visit there at least 2 times a year but never seem to be in town when they are having a get together – maybe next time – but I will be at the Atlanta one Sat night – YAY!

  8. kris Says:

    Thanks Kathy! I’ve only recently heard about Pie Night–sounds awesome. But with Laurel’s inspiration (::waves at Laurel::) I’ve put together a drinks night for Central Massachusetts in February! Sometime you have to take matters into your own hands…

    Thanks Laurel–without your post about the Georgia event I would never have had the idea!

  9. Robin Rhein Says:

    I am a school librarian who just bought Countdown and I am Bob’s sister. SOOOO wish I could join you this weekend! Have fun. I’ll try to schedule a trip to ATL when you all meet again. Have fun!

  10. Robert Swanson Says:

    O.K. Now here’s something I can relate to. As a soldier and Children’s Book writer I can indulge two passions at once. I’ll be easy to spot as I’ll probably still be in uniform…maybe I’d better change first.

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