And then, one day…

… I woke up!  And my life made sense again.

We’ve moved to our little new house, and unpacked all the boxes. And Chris has started his new job, and tomorrow, childcare resumes.  So I can get back to work.  I’m tweaking/slicing/chopping up my new book, and I have 2 weeks to  play with it, before I need to send this draft to my editor.  I’m also dreaming up a slightly insane picture book.

But that’s not the most important thing.  The most important thing is that…

Each day we walk somewhere. We take the dog down to the urban farm, or we get ice cream around the corner, or grab some dinner, or we visit with friends.  We slip and slide with the kids across the street.  Having a pedestrian life again is every bit as wonderful as I expected it would be.

Last night, we went to our Havurah, and that was so good.  And today, Chris is playing music in the afternoon, down at the EARL.  Our lives are full, but settling, at last.

And so… maybe I’m ready to blog again.

2 Responses to “And then, one day…”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I certainly hope you will blog again. Glad things sound so great. -r.

  2. WandaV Says:

    Sometimes I am very envious of a pedestrian life. To be able to walk to anywhere…. It doesn’t happen where I am. We are miles from anywhere. This makes me sad until a clear and quiet night comes along and I look up and see the Milky Way surrounded by hundreds of stars. Then I breathe in the country air and wish to be no place else.

    But I am glad that you are settling into your new beginning and that you are busy with your writing.

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