Look! Look at THIS!!!

I’m feeling very lucky to have laid eyes on this letter from Edward Eager to a young person named Kate, in response to her fan-letter. I cyber-stalked Kate, and she was kind enough to scan the letter for me, and send it in (with the brief explanation that follows.



I can’t remember how I found Edward Eager‘s books, or whether it was before or after I read Edith Nesbit. Maybe I got help from a librarian, or maybe I was just browsing the children’s section at the library – either way, thanks, Seaford Public Library. (I also remember looking at the stacks of adult books in that library and deciding that I’d stick with children’s books, which I thought were better. Of course I wasn’t right, but I wasn’t entirely wrong, either.)

My mother (who later became a librarian herself) must have encouraged me to write to Eager.  The letter he wrote back speaks for itself, I think. Such a nice man.

The books are wonderful, of course.


Thanks, KATE!

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  1. Miss Erin Says:

    Ohh wow….that is so amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Liz Says:

    Wow, that is awesome. I’m sad that he mentions a book that he never had a chance to write. His letter fits perfectly with my image of him, which is formed entirely from how he portrayed parents in his books.

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