And I thought I invented the wall!!!

Some friends of mine appear to have stumbled into the common-magical world of Any Which Wall.

Here they aresomewhere near (I suppose) Quiet Falls (though I *thought* they were vacationing in Maine!)  What do you think they’re wishing for?

And I wonder… do you suppose there’s any chance that the existance of such a wall might encourage cheap filmmakers to option the book?  A girl can dream…

Last question… if YOU stumbled onto a magic wishing wall, where would YOU wish to be transported?

One Response to “And I thought I invented the wall!!!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    The Manor at Hemingford Grey, home of L. M. Boston’s Green Knowe stories. Or maybe Moominland. Or Carl Larssons’ home. I can totally see Any Which Wall as a Walden film! We should write petitions!

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