NaPoWriMo: 1

As promised, I hereby commence with the NaPoWriMo kidlit experiement.

One. Pome. A. Day.

To begin with. I’ll be attempting “birthday poems” for the first ten years of an imaginary life.

I think…

Year ONE: Baby Kate!

Even strapped inside a stroller.
Kate’s poor folks could not control her.

When they went to wash and wipe her.
Kate kicked off her shoes–and diaper.

When they left her with a sitter,
Kate just giggled–then she bit her.

As she grew, things just got worse.
Kate poured juice in mommy’s purse.

Kate ate bugs, and kicked and spat,
And hollered, but despite all that,

Her tired parents thought her sweet,
They kissed her head and tiny feet.

They talked about her spunky laugh,
Her wiggle in the splashy bath.

They oooohed and ahhhhed and blessed her heart, and–
Dreamed sweet dreams of kindergarten.

ON SECOND THOUGHT– this is pretty bad.  I may NOT try to do this project.  Gah! NaPoWriMo, are you just a month of high speed and low standards?

4 Responses to “NaPoWriMo: 1”

  1. Reen Says:

    Work through it! It always starts like this. After the first week, you should have spluttered through all of the sort of “up-front” stuff and have entered a state of desperate weirdness in which your poems come out and greet you like happy aliens.

  2. SarahP Says:

    Shut up! It’s cute and funny and the last line is great. Now get today’s pome up there!!

  3. Robin Reagler Says:

    I think it’s fine too. For my own purposes, I tell myself that the schtick is: a BAD poem a day, bad referring to rough draft, I suppose. Lowering the bar for myself is one of my talents.

  4. laurel Says:

    Ahhhh, yes. One bad pome a day. This I can do



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