NaPoWriMo: 2

To Mother

If you hate your
Younger brother
I suggest you
Blame your mother!
He may be
A ‘nawful pain,
But your mom’s
The one to blame.

Heck!  If spinach
bothers you–
Blame your mom
For that one too.
Then there’s school,
and Uncle Walt,
Liver’s also
Mommy’s fault.

She could serve
you breakfast fudge,
But instead
makes oatmeal sludge.

She could just
Forget your bath,
Skip your chores,
Ignore your  math!

 She, the Queen and 
Chief decider,
Has the answers
All inside her.
Mom, the one
who holds the cards–
Tries to make things
Extra hard.

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4 Responses to “NaPoWriMo: 2”

  1. Robin Reagler Says:

    Hi there, I lost track of you for a spell. Happy Poetry Month! Robin

  2. Talia Says:


  3. laurel Says:


    Thanks to both of you for making your way over to my new pad…


  4. SarahP Says:

    Oh, my. I send this to my daughter. Who has a little brother. And an Uncle Walt.

    No kidding.

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