What’s that? You wish I had a mailing list you could join?



I promise not to send emails more than once or twice a year, when I’m looking to set up a skype tour, or I have free advance copies of a book to give away, or I’m sending out batches of temporary tattoos and stickers, or I’m planning a visit to your town…

Basically, when I have major news and fun stuff to share.

PLease join?  I don’t want to have to spam former employers and dentists (who happen to be saved in my contacts list, poor things) every time I want to tell YOU I have a new book coming out.

Which I DO have… four times in the next two years!  EEP!

SO yeah, join up!  It’s super easy.  Look, you can do it right here!


One Response to “What’s that? You wish I had a mailing list you could join?”

  1. lorraine crane Says:

    I just want to thank you again for a very memorable lunch at McKinley Elementary School filled with many laughs, heartfelt words, and awesome connections to the one and only Boss….
    I look forward to our paths crossing again… possible at a Springsteen concert…
    I’ll be looking for that very sweaty Bruce with your book in his hand….

    With love and gratitude for sharing your life with us,

    Lorraine Crane

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