My voice…

I recorded the audio book of Bigger than a Bread Box, and it was a moving experience. I’d never read one of my own books straight through, much less out loud!

At the end of the book, I cried.  I’ll be curious to see if you can tell…

If you like audio books, or have a road trip coming, or you buy for a library or school, I’d be honored if you’d consider a copy. I’m proud of this.

You can also get it on Amazon, if that’s your thing!

Or you can grab it on itunes, if you’re an apple sort of person.


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  1. Amy Bright Says:

    I am definitely buying your audio book! When you Skyped with my students last year I commented how great it reading your own book! AND you sang Springsteen for us! I hope you sang on your audio book, as well!

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