Tad Hills came to Mose and Lew’s school last month!  The boys are STILL talking about it.  ”We got our book SIGNED BY AN AUTHOR, MOM!”

I’m a huge fan of Rocket, and Duck & Goose, and Tad was hilarious and brilliant and awesome. I’m always so jealous when I get to peek into the brains of illustrators…

And I feel so grateful that I get to be the mom at a school where author visits happen.  Jerry Pinkney is coming soon!

No matter how many other authors I meet, and no matter how many books I write and publish, my admiration for other people’s art only grows.  Each book is a miracle, in its way. Each author is a new brain full of ideas I haven’t had yet.

I’m still the little girl, clutching her book, staring with big eyes at the “real live author.”

It never never never gets old.

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