Happy New Year!!!

Here we are at Rosh Hashanah, heading into the new year… and the timing of things is about perfect at our place.

The upstairs reno is ¬†done, the room is clean, the toys and clothes are culled, and the kids are moved in. We’re in that happy moment of tweaking and rearranging, moving things from here to there. ¬†Everything feels airy and fresh.

The school year is well underway, and everyone seems settled.

I had a big huge terrific call with my editor on Friday, and she brilliantly solved all my problems, and told me what to do. So when the holiday is over I get to sit down with my manuscript and a roadmap for how to fix it. I have a month of time (with adequate childcare) to actually do that, and I cannot wait!

And this season before us feels… manageable. No crazy amounts of travel, just a little. No obvious crisis looming. I’m sure there *is* one, but for this moment, I get to pretend there isn’t.

I have plenty of resolutions and plans for 5773, as I always do. But I also feel like a big part of what I want is to continue on this path, to just keep going.

And that’s an unusual place for me to be.

In case you’re wondering, Mose’s resolution is to “listen better, and collect as many Jedi starfighters as I can.”

And Lew’s is to “Build a force stronger than the Jedi Council.”

So that’s cool.


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