A word from the Grey Lady…

I feel like I’ve crossed over some weird threshold, into the land I dreamed about when I was a kid.  Me? In the New York Times?


Yep! They Susan Gregory Thomas reviewed Bigger than a Bread Box in the Times Book Review. I almost can’t believe it.

“Family breakups, seem to detonate without warning, and Laurel Snyder spares readers none of the shrapnel…”

It’s an amazing review. I don’t even know what to say…  it shouldn’t feel as big as it does. It shouldn’t mean SO MUCH. There are wonderful reviewers all over, on blogs and small magazines, trade publications and podcast shows. Everyone has an opinion and every opinion matters. But even so, there is something about this that feels HUGE.  Like– my grandmother would know what this meant. Like I’m part of something stretching back in time.

The book is no better or worse than it was yesterday. The sales are probably the same too. But it’s something. It’s some thing to have the Times say:

“Some people rip things apart,” Rebecca observes. “But you know what? Some people don’t.” Which is about as miraculous an insight about divorce as anyone could hope to have.

Well okay.

“As miraculous an insight about divorce as anyone could hope to have.”

I’ll take it. Whether I deserve it or not.

4 Responses to “A word from the Grey Lady…”

  1. Kaethe Says:

    You do deserve it. It’s a great book.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    So, so many congrats to you!!!

  3. Venessa Ann Schwarz Says:

    I’m in the process of reading, “Bigger than a Breadbox” now, it’s wonderful! I agree … what a thrill, I mean it’s The New York Times! A big Congratulations to you! You give me something to aspire to, savor your moment..

  4. Joanne Fritz Says:

    That’s fantastic and you certainly deserve such praise.

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