Never enough time…

This fall…

This fall…

This fall has been insane.  But wonderful.  Skyping with so many amazing classes around the country. Traveling to Nashville, DC, Sanibel Island, Tampa.  Trying to write.  Getting involved with the library here.  Being involved with my kids’ schools. I sold another picture book, and pushed back a novel. School visits. Writing conferences. Book festivals. Eventful season.

During these crazy times I spend a lot of time talking about how I want things to “calm down.” There’s anxiety, certainly, over how I’ll never get it all done. I’m tired, of course. I miss the routine. I want to clean my house, make soup.  Meet a friend for dinner.   Spend a long weekend watching movies or hiking with my kids.

And yet, I’m always happy in these seasons.  Zonked, but happy.  Overwhelmed, but never angsty.

Next week I go back to Florida, for one more little trip.  I have three more weeks of skype visits. Some freelance to turn in. And then…

It ends.

In theory.

And I’ll settle down to write.

I’m feeling challenged right now, about my writing. I worked VERY hard on Bigger than a Bread Box, but it isn’t enough. It’s never enough. never good enough. Never quite right.

I’ve taken this extra year for Seven Stories Up, and now it needs to be good enough to merit that extra year. I’m trying to figure out how to make that happen. Do I shut out the web?  Ground myself from social life until I’m done?  I’m not sure.

And I want to work on poems, too. And revise a handful of picture books that have been waiting in the wings for nearly a year.

There is never enough time. Never even close to enough time.

But I’m happy.

(if a little frazzled-looking)

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