A dragon *must* have a sense of humor!!!

So, I have been reading Merlin’s Dragon, which I brought home from BEA and with me.  And falling asleep over it last night (because I find it incredibly tedious) I realized something– that I cannot abide dragon-and-wizard books.

I LOVE books with dragons in them.

And I LOVE books with wizards in them.

But I cannot think of a single book I like with both a dragon and a wizard in it.  Except Harry Potter.  And as we all know, the rules that apply to other books never apply to Harry Potter.  (EDIT!  I think maybe Sarah Prineas also has dragons in her wizardy book. But it is a wel documented fact that the presence of bacon and biscuits negates the dragon/wizard problem, obviously, and in any case, Sarah doesn’t count. She’s special!)

Maybe it just takes a certain kind of high-fantasy author to put both a dragon and a wizard in the same book.  Someone who takes such things seriously.  I’m not really into serious dragons and wizards.  I like my magic to be goofy.

All I know is that dragon-and-wizard books remind me too much of high school Renaisance Festivals. 

And Jethro Tull.

When a wizard meets a dragon, someone is always playing a flute.

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  1. Karina Fabian Says:

    Ran across this blog while googling dragons and humor. I thought you might be interested in the team of the Dragon Vern and the mage wizard Sister Grace of DragonEye, PI. No HS RenFests. No Jethro. No one plays the flute. Instead, you get a cynical dragon eeking out a living on the wrong side of the interdimensional gap as a professional problem solver. His partner the Church mage, Sister Grace, handles most of the magic. Together they handle cases from lost cats to maniacal demigods bent on world domination–sometimes in the same case!

    I have published several DragonEye stories–one of which has won the Mensa award for best fiction–and have two novels coming out next year.

    Go check them out at http://www.dragoneyepi.net–and if you like what you see on the site, register and receive a free DragonEye, PI story.

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