Book Reviewer Interviewer…

–Okay, so we haven’t gotten a chance to interview Michiko Kakutani (I just loved this picture). But anyway, kidlitosphere bloggers are just as cool.

These interviews with book blogger/book reviewers are GREAT!  Methinks we should be doing more of this kind of thing.  Talking to the people who work in various aspects of the publishing industry.

Publicist interviews?  Copyeditor interviews? 

Know what I’d really LOVE is an interview with the receptionist at each of the BIG houses. How fun would that be? I bet they field a lot of crazy phonecalls!

2 Responses to “Book Reviewer Interviewer…”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I knew I knew that name – Michiko Kakutani – she was the reviewer that reviews Carrie Bradshaws book in a Sex in the City episode – sad how I can’t remember people’s names I meet in person, but a tv episode, I can rememebr that!

  2. Julie Prince Says:

    I totally agree. I’d also love to hear from people working in all areas of the publishing industry!!!

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