So, I’m pretty much lying on the floor over here…

I cannot believe it’s true, but I’ve now checked the site about 14 times, and the fact remains:

Penny Dreadful has been HUGELY honored by the ABA with a nomination for the EB White Read-aloud Award.

Don’t even know what to say. I love the other books and am simply humbled to be in such company. You should read them all:


  • Because of Mr. Terupt, by Rob Buyea (Delacorte Books for Young Readers)
  • The Familiars, by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson (HarperCollins)
  • Penny Dreadful, by Laurel Snyder, Abigail Halpin (Illus.) (Random House Books for Young Readers)
  • The Sixty-Eight Rooms, by Marianne Malone, Greg Call (Illus.) (Random House Books for Young Readers)
  • The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, by Tom Angleberger (Amulet Books)
  • A Tale of Dark and Grimm, by Adam Gidwitz (Dutton Juvenile)

To make matters even better, my incredible pal Mitali Perkins is nominated for both the YA award (for her great good book Bamboo People) and for the “most engaging author” award.  And another Atlanta author, Eric “Mr. Eric” Litwin was nominated for the picture book Read-Aloud Award!  My sons are huge fans of Pete the cat!

There are a lot of awards out there, but the EB White is selected by  booksellers. Smart, awesome, dedicated BOOKSELLERS.  Some of my favorite people are booksellers.  This makes it mean even more.  I feel like I might throw up.  Either that, or burst into blossom like the rest of this crazy wonderful early Georgia spring.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who had anything to do with this!!!  And if you happen to be a member of the ABA, you can vote here if you like, not that I’m trying to suggest you should vote for me or anything!  NO WAY!

Now.. back to sprawling on the floor, feeling baffled.  Maybe, just maybe, I will order a pizza for dinner. Somehow it does NOT feel like leftover-turkey-burger night.

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