Some nibbles, some bits…

Just checking in, to post some thing s about some things that have happened!

I did a little interview this week, with my amazing friend Julianna, in which I discuss faith, writing, love, and vomit.  You might like it!  Here’s a quote:  “I just need to get through the work in front of me, because I have to believe that what I’m doing has value, no matter how hard or frustrating or covered in vomit it might be.”

Penny has gotten some great reviews lately! Here’s one, at Girl Knows Books!

Here’s another, at Barnes and Noble Book Clubs

Here’s a third, at Madigan Reads!

And here’s a fourth, from Alaska!  The Juneau Empire!

Meanwhile, Baxter is a Sydney Taylor Notable Book!

And over at Kveller, I’ve shared my Not-so-Jewish Birth Story.

What’s up with you?

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