3 days to Hanukkah! Me in the St Louis Post-Dispatch…

Is the deep concern in the Jewish community about intermarriage warranted?

I equate it to the question about the future of publishing. I personally love books, and it makes me sad to think about the end of books. But I believe, in reality, it’s the story that matters, and whatever happens, the human instinct to tell stories will survive. With intermarriage, I do believe that whatever else happens, the truth that Judaism is a good and important and positive force in world — and that people are affected by that and feel it — needs to exist. Whether it’s the value of Judaism or a story, whatever shift may come, I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t survive. I’m an eternal optimist. At the end of day, I do believe whatever forces of the world are against them, literature and faith will rise to the surface for a reason.

And if you like that Xmas tree menorah, you can buy it at Modertribe! I myself prefer the recycled-guitar menorah, or the shove-it-in-a-whiskey-bottle menorah!

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