Baxter’s Birthday Bits…

  1. And yes, it’s about a pig. Who wants to be kosher. But really, it’s about what’s at the heart of Judaism – what matters, what doesn’t, and who is welcome at our tables and in our homes. (Beliefnet/Homeshuling)
  2. We are thrilled that this influential voice is providing a message of inclusion in her writing that will resonate with today’s diverse Jewish families. (Jewish Outreach Institute)
  3. When I talk about how I came to write books for children, I often leave out an important part of the story—the miserable failures. There were (and continue to be) many of them. But in particular, there were many failed attempts to write Jewish picture books for intermarried families. (Jewish Books Council/ My Jewish Learning)
  4. (Humor + heart + Judaism – overkill + some terrific illustrations + meaning + humor. Did I mention humor?) (Madelyn Rosenberg)
  5. I recommend Baxter, the Pig Who Wanted to Be Kosher for the home library, as well as for inclusive school, church, and temple libraries.  Although the concepts are related to Jewish traditions, it is not overtly religious; I consider it to be an excellent multicultural picture book. (She is Too Fond of Books)
  6. Mazel tov, Laurel. I’m looking forward to reading “Baxter” with my daughters. Perhaps they could help with a sequel called “Baxter: The Pig Who Lost His Mezuzah”? (In the Mix)
  7. For someone like me who grew up in a small southern town with no synagogue nor Jewish community presence, Baxter was a great educator as I read and re-read his story last evening (Rasco from RIF)

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