A nutty cause…

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Do you remember Ruth M. Arthur? Well I do. I loved her books. Adored them.

But they are all out of print, I think.

So I wondered what it would take to harass the right people, see if we could maybe bring them back.  Do you think it might be possible?

Let’s start with  A Candle in Her Room. Remember Dido?  I still shiver when I think of her.

I have no idea how to go about this. Arthur died in 1979.  I don’t know who controls her estate, or even if Macmillan was the last edition.  (on Worldcat it looks like this is the last edition) But it seems crazy to me that a dark weird magical novel like this is out of print. I’m pretty sure it would sell.

Wouldn’t it?

Anyone have any ideas on where to begin? Or know anything?  Since as I’ve already admitted, I haven’t the first clue.

9 Responses to “A nutty cause…”

  1. Rochelle Says:

    Hi Laurel–
    I haven’t read her, but you’ve piqued my curiosity. Can you tell us more about this writer, why her work is so meaningful to you? Looking forward to that post…


  2. Zach Says:

    not so nutty, i think you can get this back in print if that’s your mission. for starters, let’s all try to buy every existing edition out there online. that’ll create the demand. i’ll buy this first one on amazon.com for $2722.48 i’m sure that’ll help.
    i love books.

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  3. CLM Says:

    I think the first thing to do is to write to Margaret McElderry who was her American editor. When I was growing up, seeing the Margaret McElderry imprint on a new library book was the ultimate recommendation and I devoured not only Ruth Arthur but Susan Cooper and many others. Although Ms. McElderry must be close to 90 and is retired, I am sure Simon & Schuster would forward mail to her. I will also draft a letter. I wonder if a publisher like David Godine would be interested?

  4. Jen Robinson Says:

    I adored Arthur’s books, too. I still have a couple of them on my shelves. I read them over and over again (especially A Candle in Her Room). She had a real knack for creepy, atmospheric stuff. I liked The Saracen Lamp and Portrait of Margarita, too. I can still tell you exactly where they were shelved in my elementary school library.

  5. Ms. Yingling Says:

    While this is a nice thought, I don’t think these books would sell well to children now. I finally, after 12 years of not being able to get one checked out, deaccessioned the few remaining Arthur books. I still don’t understand why books go in and out of favor, but they do. Today’s students will have fond memories of other books, which will make it easier for us to obtain copies of the titles that we loved!

  6. Sue Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I’m from David Godine and caught up with your blogging and we’re absolutely interested in bringing back into print wonderful and deserving books (do you know Land of Green Ginger by Noel Langley – one of my favorites?) I’m going to get hold of a copy of A Candle in Her Room (hopefully for less than $2000) and follow up on it. Thanks!

  7. Eva M Says:

    It’s absolutely worth getting back in print. That Dido scared the bejiggers out of me as a child – what a chilling and atmospheric story.

  8. Jennifer Says:

    Maybe a more contemporary cover would make it interesting to kids today – it is a pretty creepy story and we know how the kids like their creeps!

  9. kids Book » Wednesday Afternoon Visits: February 10 Says:

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