I’m driving right now with the boys (well, not at this moment, obvs) through the mountains of Virginny.  Which is pretty much my favorite drive in the world. I LOVE 81!  If ever I had a bundle of dollars, I’d buy a cabin near Harper’s Ferry. 

And so I’m neglecting my quatrains. But here’s a hotel quickie:

I is for (Unidentifiable) Insect

The thing that bit my son last night,
Had better hide, or face a fight!
I paid to get a bug-free bed,
And found his company instead.

And in other news, an absolutely wonderful and appreciated review of Myth of the Simple Machines.

Thank you, Kerry!!!

3 Responses to “Driving…”

  1. Kerry Says:

    And thank you, for your fabulous book.

  2. Anamaria Says:

    I want very much to read Myth of the Simple Machines, especially after reading Kerry’s review! And I’m glad you’re finding 81 a pleasant drive. We’re in Arlington, VA but planning on heading “out west” on 81 soon, to Luray Caverns of all places (with the kids, who really want to see the one acre Garden Maze they have out there). Enjoy your trip!

  3. Susan Says:

    This is really fresh, fun poetry. Love it, and hope to see more. Good luck with the book!

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