Heading into fall…

Sorry to have been gone so long.  It has been an interesting run here.  I found myself, suddenly, overwhelmed by the amount of time I was spending online. So I’ve taken some time away, and now I feel better. I think I have a handle on it.

Meanwhile, I’ve been finishing up the current draft of Penny Dreadful, and seeing sketches for the cover of the book, which make me all happy and tingly.  I’ve also just gotten the rough art for Baxter: the pig who wanted to be kosher.

In family-news, the boys are wonderful. Lew is talking up a storm and potty-training, and Mose is checking out chapter books from the library and obsessing over superheroes and bad guys.  Both are now napless, for the most part, and that means they  go to bed at a sane kid-bedtime-hour.  Five mornings a week they both attend a half-day preschool, and that has been a HUGE shift for me. I’ve now got 20 hours a week to work!  20 HOURS!  It is a happy happy thing.

On the inside, I’m feeling ready for a change.  For transition, for fall. Ready to start in on a new book. Ready to put on a sweater and  make soup.  Ready to begin thinking about the next phase… whatever that may be.

How’re you?

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  1. Heidi Estrin Says:

    Hey Laurel, glad to hear your online anxieties are calming. After reading your Salon article I was worried about you (and about most of us). I’m excited about Baxter – it was so much fun hearing your publisher enthuse about it at BEA.

    You are lucky that fall means sweaters and soup, here it means increased likelihood of hurricanes. Anyway, I’m busy getting ready for a more-than-usually-hectic school year, what with adding computer lab duties to my regular library duties. Check it out, I’m now the Library Media Specialist, not just the Librarian!

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