Everyone’s a geek..

Everyone’s a geek for something, and I’m a geek for midcentury romps in the land of middle grade magical fiction.

A question has been asked, about the best order for reading Edward Eager’s seven amazing books.  And here’s my answer to THAT

Half Magic, THEN  Magic by the Lake (they’re set earlier).

Knight’s Castle, THEN  Time Garden (they follow the stories of the offspring of the Half Magic kids).

THEN Seven Day Magic (a one-off, but very like the others).

THEN Magic or Not and Well Wishers  (they’re a little different).

Contrary to (if not popular than occasional) belief, the books are not a SERIES of seven.  They follow the lives of four different groups of kids. The first two take place during the twenties, and the rest are all set later.  Some are linked.

While I myself must admit that Half Magic is probably the BEST of the seven, I’ll admit to loving Seven Day Magic best of all.  Not quite sure why… I loved the library as a kid (still do)

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  1. V.V. Ganeshananthan Says:

    Happily, this is exactly the order I read them in, as a kid. Saving mine to loan to small relatives.

  2. Jacqui Says:

    Interesting. I can’t remember the order in which I read them, but we read them to my daughter starting with Magic or Not, then Well-Wishers, and then Half Magic and the rest, mainly because that’s what was in the library. She loved them all, but Magic or Not is still her favorite.

  3. Carol Says:

    Is Half Magic the book about a group of children who find themselves with the ability to make a wish, but it will only halfway come true? Or am I confusing this with another book?

  4. laurel Says:

    That’s the one!

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