Wow!  My first really BAD review!

Ethelmae, who is forced to work at the bug-infested diner for stealing a single lemon drop, shares vignettes about events at the disgusting eatery. Once, the booths became so greasy, they slid outside of the restaurant into the street. The diners kept right on eating and were never heard from again. The waitresses pinch the customers, and the chocolate milk isn’t really chocolate. The narrator leads her friend to a secret room where goodbyes are banned. “Wouldn’t you like a lemon drop…. Have one. They’re delicious.” The story is confusing and further muddled by the sentence structure, e.g., “Inside the Slidy Diner, the noise is always.” While the drawings make great use of detail and color, they seem only to add to the murkiness of the narrative. It would be difficult to find an audience for this book.—Beth Cuddy, Seward Elementary School, Auburn, NY

I suppose it had to happen. Might as well happen now.

And it is some consolation that Beth Cuddy did such a poor job of reading the book she mixed up Edie (the little girl) with Ethelmae (the creepy  grill cook).  Also, she neglected to put several of the quotes in quotation marks, which makes the review itself hard to read.

If you’re going to be roundly trashed, it’s nice when the person doing the trashing reveals themselves to be a sloppy reader and writer from the jump.

Though I do wonder why SLJ didn’t fact-check the review. When I write for PW they’re sticklers.

5 Responses to “BAD REVIEW!!!”

  1. Donna Gephart Says:

    Oh, POOP on that review!

  2. julie bloemeke Says:

    Oh Laurel! Take heart! What to them is “muddled sentence structure” is the poetry of the book. (As I am sure you know.) Do they not see how absolutely evocative and perfect “Inside the Slidy Diner the noise is always” is? It is lovely, and apt, and better yet, the reader can HEAR it. I suppose there always will be less-than-savory reviews out there, but this reader clearly missed. And the beauty of Slidy Diner is all of the disgusting and wonderful stuff–perfect to spur the imagination and capture the fascination of my 7-year-old in particular. I will take a lemon drop anytime, especially if they are from the creative coffers of Laurel Snyder!

  3. Robert Rummel-Hudson Says:

    Ugh, that review deserves a bad review.

  4. Collin Says:

    How can Beth Cuddy review your book when she has trouble putting together a coherent paragraph? You know the old saying…those who can’t write review.

  5. bp Says:

    I can honestly say that my book of poetry never received a single bad review.

    Of course, it never received a good review, either.

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