Catching up…

I feel like I might almost be catching up.  The SLIDY DINER party was great, and the Gwinnet Reading Festival was great, and then  this afternoon I straightened my desk and the house, and  ran laundry.  And tonight I will pay bills, and then there won’t be anything I’m too massively behind on.


We even had an hour today of lounging on the couch, just reading the Times, while the baby slept.

Of course, now that I’m “caught up” I have to get in gear.

I mean, I REALLY need to get in gear.

I’m writing Penny Dreadful. Twenty pages in so far, and I think its going well. But I need to keep at it.  Twenty pages a week. MUST STICK TO THE SCHEDULE!

And I’m putting together my very first power point, full of incriminating photos from my “career”.  This  includes shots of my fourth grade poetry, middle school journals, high school lit mags, college workshop sheets, as well as rejection letters, ARCs and galleys with rough sketches of art.

Because next weekend I’m off to NC, to do my first school visits!  And I find that kids are really amazed when I prove to them that my writing career really DID begin when I was nine!!!!

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