Back to school…

Here in Atlanta, school starts TODAY, August 7, but vacation begins at the beginning of May. I don’t know why our schedule is so early. Maybe it has to do with the growing season… with kids needing to be out early to work on the farm or something…

In any case, I like it.  I like that vacation comes FAST.

And I like that the kids go back to school before I begin to lose my mind.

This summer I didn’t really have any childcare.  We took one long 2-3 week road trip, to Iowa City, Chicago, and Battle Creek.  But mostly we’ve just been home, reading and swimming and shouting and laughing and eating popsicles and arguing about how many more minutes of Minecraft are allowed.

It’s been lovely.

But now I’m ready to GET BACK TO WORK.

Have fun at school, Mose and Lew. Learn lots of cool stuff!

I’ll just be here, scribbling.


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