Happy Valentines Day!!!

I have a confession to make…

I have always loved Valentines Day.

It’s not a very “me” thing, getting into a holiday like this. Generally I don’t do much for holidays, and I know it was invented by Hallmark or whatever

But it’s got crafts and candy. Crafts and CANDY!

When I was a kid I took it SERIOUSLY.  My best friend and I spent weeks planning and making cards for each other, and our families. So much fun.

So today I still play cut and paste, and make cards for random people.  Glitter and glue and doilies and markers and tin foil.  I MAKE the boys lovingly craft the cards they give to their classes each year.  Though we use shortcuts I’d never have taken as a geeky little kid myself. (photocopiers, stickers)

I do NOT celebrate VALENTINES DAY as a romantic holiday.  I’ve tried it, and  found it to be:

A.  a potential disaster for a relationship, since high expectations for holidays often result in disappointment, in my experience.
B.  expensive (and I’m cheap)
C.  like something one might focus on when the relationship isn’t going so well on a day to day basis

But as a friend and mom and nostalgic goofball, I take it seriously.  I feel a breakfast table on Valentines Day should have a tiny heart shaped box of chocolates on each plate.  It’s just a small great pleasure that takes little work and sets a day aside.

And hey, love!  I’ll admit it, I love LOVE.

I also have a spot in my heart  for a few Valentines Day books. Above all,  The Blue Valentine.

Which is, now that I approach it as an adult, really kind of cheesey. But how I adored it as a kid…

And then, too, I love   Good Morning to You, Valentine.

Highly recommend this one!

This year, I got an early Valentine, which I’d like to share with you. A friend posted to Facebook that her daughter had crafted a Bigger-than-a-Bread-Box themed Valentine mailbox for herself.  Which is about the cutest, most flattering (and lovely, really, very well done!) thing I’ve ever seen.

Just try to tell me that didn’t make you say, “Awwwwwwww.”


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