And sometimes you screw up…

And neglect to book a hotel room in a resort area, on the weekend, during “the season,” and  even if you wanted to pay $200 for a Quality Inn, you couldn’t find one with an empty room… and you are feeling stupid.

When lo and behold, over the hill, you see a sign for a tiny motel, right on the water, where the owner brings you kids a fishing net, to “catch cool stuff to look at” and then offers to take you all out in a rowboat.

And when you drive into “town” you find a cheap-but-wonderful pizzaria, with huge subs and a friendly woman, who tells you where to find the playground.

And then, on the way back to your waterfront room, with a car-full-of-oregano, you discover the Fire House is hosting a Bazaar for a few days, complete with funnel cake and bouncy houses, and ring-toss games.

And when you go back to your room, your kids ask when you’re going to do the blessings.  So, with sub-roll and a video of someone else lighting candles, you say the words.

And it’s Shabbat on the road.

2 Responses to “And sometimes you screw up…”

  1. Mom Says:

    How great is that?
    Really great.
    Keep the pictures ( and stories) coming!

  2. Rachel Says:

    I absolutely love this — Shabbat on the road is a great idea – but also, love just that road trip adventure where you just “see what happens” (how I like to live my life) and all these great things do.

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