Fine whines…

Okay, this has nothing to do with anything important… but I am bothered by a lot of the TV Mose watches.  (and yes, now you all know I let my toddler rot his brain. Shoot me. It’s been 60 days since I had an hour of childcare.)

Not in a worried about violence or profanity kind of way. Not in a concerned parent kind of way.  Just in a what’s UP with that? kind of way.

What’s up with Caillou? Why is a four year old bald? Is this supposed to be about acceptance? White power?

What’s up with Emily Elizabeth turning blond on the Clifford TV show? She was a brunette in the original books, right?  Does she have body image issues too?

Most of all, what’s UP with the weird hermaphrodite cow on this humdinger of a program? Not that I’m anti-hermaphrodites, but what were they thinking?  There’s no explanation.

What happened to shows we grew up on, shows that made sense?  Like the smurfs and the snorks and the fraggles?  You know, quality programming.

Ah well, I guess they can’t all be WordGirl!

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3 Responses to “Fine whines…”

  1. Alex Says:

    YES! I had this same conversation with my wife about Otis the Cow on “Back at the Barnyard.” I mean…it’s a cow named OTIS, with a MALE voice, and it has UDDERS. I grew up in the country, man, and this is messed up. And as far as I can tell, there’s no explanation given (or apparently, warranted).

    Surely someone else has noticed this. I mean, if people can freak out over gay Teletubbies, a hermaphrodite talking cow should cause keniptions (coniptions? Kenipshuns? Not sure…).

  2. Talia Says:

    I never really noticed that Calliou was bald, and my daughter loves him, and I’ve read her several of the Calliou books…it must fit him well.

  3. polli Says:

    I HATED Caillou when my kids would watch him… he’s a total whiner! Maybe I was blessed with non-whining kids? But I always thought he was encourageing crap behavior and I’d always have to talk about his behavior with my kids and explain why what Calliou was doing was inappropriate.

    I also hated Barnyard. We rented it once and it was the worse kids movie EVAH. We don’t have cable so we’ve never seen the cartoon. First thing I said? Whassup with the udders on a bull?

    Let me throw .02 in by highly recommending Blue’s Clues. The music rocks and it’s clever and (when I watched it) Steve was adorable. Also, go rent/check out Pee Wee’s Playhouse AND Fraggles for the kids. Oh, and the Muppet Show. If they are going to watch TV, let it be something you can watch without vomiting. Although anything on constant repeat will kill you… such is parenthood.

    Bonus honus? When you get the DVD or tapes of something (library = free brain rot!) you miss all the commercials. I believe to this day that my kids are rather non-materialistic in large part to rarely seeing “TV”, but only seeing the videos of TV shows. :-) Words I rarely hear from my children? “Oh mom, can I get/have to have/really need…”

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