How many times…

Did *you* get peed on today?

I wish I were at ALA. 

No I don’t.

Yes I do.

No I don’t.  But  DRAT that Fuse #8 for making everything funny.

I bet she didn’t even get peed on *once* today.

I bet she didn’t even get drooled on.

Well, maybe she got drooled on.  That red polka dotted dress is HOT!

3 Responses to “How many times…”

  1. Alex Says:

    Hm. I’ve been peed, pooped and voluminously drooled on. And I’m nowhere near ALA. Maybe that’s why they call us “the great unwashed”?

  2. Jacqui Says:

    Wow. Were you hiding in my son’s room this morning? I actually got peed ON once and peed at (but dodged it) once.

    I can’t read about ALA; I get too jealous and snap at my family.

  3. Barrie Summy Says:

    I wish I were at ALA too. Next year…. :)

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