Spring Break…

It’s spring break this week.  Which means that Mose and Lew and I are home, making a mess, wearing pajamas, and eating strange meals at strange times.  Wandering a little bit, out into the city.  Maybe we’ll do some thrifting.  Today we have a water-gun battle to attend at three. Life is good.

But that means… I am NOT writing.  Disappointing because I actually want to be putting my head down and getting to work. I’m ready to sprint, can feel it in my fingers.  The book is finished, in my head and also in about 30 pages of notes.  I have a beginning, but I’m finally ready to run.

This is the story of a girl named Annie, and her mother, Ruby. But most of all the story of Annie’s grandmother, Molly.  A little girl in a hotel.  In 1937.

It is either called SEVEN STORIES UP or it is called THE LONELY ROOM.

Which is better?

7 Responses to “Spring Break…”

  1. Stacy Says:

    I like the double entendre of Seven Stories Up…have fun this week, Laurel!

  2. Hila Says:

    I like Seven Stories Up, hands down!

  3. :paula Says:

    Me too. Although if there’s a Dare Wright element to the story (and I wouldn’t put it past you!), by all means go with The Lonely Room!

  4. Kaethe Says:

    Seven Stories Up is a happy book, The Lonely Room is a sad book. What’s it going to be?

  5. Trish Brown Says:

    Definitely Seven Stories Up!

  6. :paula Says:

    Also, these are both Cole Porter references, a little bit. “Down in the depths on the ninetieth floor” and “In the quiet of my lonely room / I think of you / Night and day”. Interesting.

  7. Amanda Hoving Says:

    Hard to say without knowing more, but Seven Stories Up has a nice sound to it. Good luck, and have fun as you move ahead with the story. Also, enjoy your Spring Break!

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