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I’ll go…

Monday, September 8th, 2008

If you’ll go…

(Sweet home Alabama?)

Really! We’ll get a whole slew of fun Jewish-type people, and we’ll all move to this sweet little town, where we’ll live next door to each other and make a lot of soup, and do crafts and it’ll be like… like… like…

A shtetl!

Only way more fun.

No, seriosly, it’ll be the eruv of cool.  Within whose boundaries we will rejoice in our coolness and share beer.  All the beer will be communal in the eruv of cool.

OR!  Better yet, we should encourage all the remaining communist Jews to go there, and create a utopian society.  Like a kibbutz.

Or maybe all the orthodox Jews with SAD should go there, and then it can become like Postville. Only less slaughtery.

In any case it will be awesome, AWESOME!

Is Chabad there already?  I assume so. If not, they will be soon!!!