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A CONTEST (& book giveaway!)

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

So I’m sitting her in a big pile of books, and I’m thinking I should give a few away.


How’s about this?

You’ll post  a little story to your blog, about a task/ job/situation/role for which you are thoroughly unsuitable (the FULL title of my book is “Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains OR the Search for a Suitable Princess”).

For instance, if I were entering the contest I might say, “I would make a thoroughly unsuitable vow-of-silence-nun, because I never shut up. Also I am Jewish.”

In addition to this little post, you’ll also ou’ also add a link to this post (by way of explanation) and the cover of the book (see above).

Then you will scramble back here and post a comment, to let me know you’ve entered the contest!

In a week’s time I’ll select the most entertaining story entered, and the winner will get a FREE signed copy of my book (in which I promise to write something REALLY unsuitable).

How’s that?

Let the games begin!