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All about ME?

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

It’s feeling a little weird that so much of the blog content right now is promotional junk about my own book…

So I want to take a  second to say that of course my life is still my insane life– the boys and I went to Charleston on Wednesday, and found it lovely and dramatically wind-swept. There were “little boats” and “BIG WATER” (says Mose) and we all slept in one giant hotel bed and I did not get a lot of rest.

Yes, I promise I have not gotten so book-obsessed I’ve forgotten to feed my kids, or read other people’s books, or eat tacos on a daily basis.  I read and loved the Willoughbys, and I read and didn’t love Peeled nearly as much.  Also,  7 Imp’s Yolen interview rocked my world, and  I’m currently obsessed with Fictionaut. The stuff of life.

But all that aside, for a little while it mostly *is*  ALL ABOUT MY BOOK, because Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains comes out on Tuesday!


To that end, I’ll be up all week at the Class of 2k8, embarassing myself with stories about elementary school and the like. And I’d really really appreciate if you could pop on over, or  maybe even link to anything you find interesting.

And I’ll also be BLOG-TOURING– visiting blogs around the web all week long. PLEASE STOP BY!

Today I’ll be lolling about with Amy Guth.
Monday I’ll be hanging  with the fabulous Longstockings.
Tuesday I’ll be getting Roasted!
Wednesday I’ll be drinking a beer with Baby Got Books.
Thursday, Laini Taylor is dying my hair.
Friday I’m chatting nonstop with Lizzie Skurnick.

And next week? Well, you’ll have to wait until NEXT WEEK to find out about all of that.

And eventually, I’ll get back to pictures of babies and general ranting.