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Bad mommy…

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

I was informed today at “school” that Lew does not eat his lunch.  Evidently he steals strawberries and chunks of cheddar cheese from others, and ignores his own food.

“But I packed both fruit and cheddar cheese today myself!” I said.

“Yeah, I asked the other kids if they wanted to share his banana,” explained Lew’s teacher (whom I adore) apologetically.  “I asked if they wanted to swap, but nobody did.  And I guess he likes his cheese cut up into smaller chunks.” She shrugged.

And I laughed.

OF COURSE he wants to eat strawberries all day. Who doesn’t?

OF COURSE he wants what he can’t have.  He’s my son.

Nevertheless, to avoid any further bad-mommy gossip about me (there is plenty already I’m sure, what with the cheap shoes and the un-cut-up grapes and the fact that my sons don’t own helmets or wear sunscreen every single day) I will send him off tomorrow with strawberries. I will mince his cheese.

But good lord– she asked them?  They’re ONE!

Oh, did I mention I also like to spank my kids all day long? In public whenever possible!