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Palin vs. books…

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

That Palin tried to ban A Wrinkle in Time is horrific.  That she attempted to do the same to the dictionary is absolutely HILARIOUS! (as pointed out in the comments, this information has not yet been proven. It doesn’t matter much, as there’s plenty to despise in Palin without this, and it’s pretty clear to me that she has the spirit of a book-banner, whether or not she’s been given the opportunity to prove it)

As scary as the world is, it never fails to entertain.

Horseflesh in midstream…

Monday, September 1st, 2008

(Palin as beauty queen, 1984)

How many days until Palin “realizes she needs to decline the nomination so she can pay more attention to her family”?


“With deep apologies.”

This entire fisaco is really an astounding argument for the incompatibility of  conservative politics and feminism.  The party comes across looking bad bad bad.

Let’s hear it for abstinance-only education! Let’s hear it for secrecy and shame!  Let’s hear it for absurd assumptions about the easy emotional manipulation of women voters!

(not to mention killing wolves and polar bears)