A “Blessed” Day…

We had a truly wonderful day on Sunday, visiting Birmingham to see our friends play the City Stages Festival. 

It was one of those special days when magic just kind of happens.  Perfect weather, and we stumbled on a free parking space, so close it should have been illegal, when we were cruising to find the cheapest pay-lot.  Then, when we got to the ticket gate to pay, a woman shoved FREE tickets (like, 60 bucks saved) in our hands and suggested we have a “blessed day”. 

We decided to take her advice.

So after that we had lemonade at a hotel bar where the woman refused our money, and when we ran out of sunscreen and asked where we could buy some, the guy who worked for the festival sent a lackey out to buy us a bottle.  Free sunscreen?

It was insane. We literally could NOT spend our money.  We had this amazing FREE day.  There were jugglers and craft projects in the children’s festival, and terrariums full of reptiles, and balloon animals.   Mose was screaming and dancing and running around, and Lew too.

Then we headed over to see Pieta and Bo, and it was awesome, awesome, awesome.  Because they are THE BEST.  And we spread our blanket and danced around, and ate things on sticks, and drank lemonade.  And after that we found the zydeco tent, strung with lights, and people were dancing, and the whole day was just perfect.

And then we were tired, so we walked the 14 feet to our perfect FREE parking space and came home.  And ate a late supper and drank a beer.  And went to bed.

And felt, as the woman said, pretty thoroughly blessed.

We now officially LOVE Birmingham.

2 Responses to “A “Blessed” Day…”

  1. genevieve Says:

    It’s those beautiful children of yours, Laurel. ‘Celebrate what you have been given…’ as one of the children’s hymns used to say. Good for you.

  2. john k Says:

    Those days happen once in a blue moon, but they are given to you to demonstrate you are really living in rhythm with the universe. That is part of the payback from above that you receive for all those uncompensated hours you put in taking care of your family, sincerely caring about the world and writing such delicious verse for your audience.

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