December tidbits…

PENNY is a Smithsonian Notable Book for 2010!

She’s also one of HuffPo’s Reader’s Picks for the Holidays! (with great thanks to whatever readers suggested her)

Also, both BAXTER and PENNY are reprinting right now!

And BIGGER THAN A BREADBOX officially (or at least digitally) exists in the world, according to the internets!so does GOOD NIGHT, LAILA TOV!

In other news, Publishing Perspectives picked up my story about going out of print!

But most of all… bigger than any publishing news…

Mose and Lewis have discovered HE-MAN!  And they HAVE THE POWER!

Lord help us all.

2 Responses to “December tidbits…”

  1. Aaron Says:

    I watched that crappy show when I was in 3rd grade and I turned out alright. I guess. And I saw Penny Dreadful on display prominently at our library yesterday!

  2. Collin Kelley Says:

    Happy Holidaze, Laurel. See you in the new year. xx

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