So much to be thankful for…

Stick a fork in me.

I’m home.  Home from the road. Home to my messy house and my unpaid bills and my cranky cat and my needing-a-walk-dog and my astounding amazing family.

The trips were so good, totally worth it. I visited with great people in fun places, and met with hundreds (maybe thousands) of kids and sold hundreds and hundreds of books.  I got to drop in on warm, diverse Jewish communities and I got to see old friends, and new ones.  I visited bookstores and libraries, and toured schools.  I was interviewed for radio shows, and profiled in actual print newspapers. I slept in fancy hotels and caught up on all sorts of bad television.  I felt deeply lucky to have such an experience.  It was everything I dreamed it might be.

But now, I just want to be home. Home. Home.  I want to make a turkey in my pajama pants. I want to drink a glass of wine with my husband. I want to watch my kids tear around in the unraked yard, chasing after the dog/dragon, wielding wiffle ball bats/ swords.

My new book is done.  Done!  We even have a rough sketch for the cover.  My travel is (mostly) over.

Now I get to rest, regroup, restore. I get to clean the house, and maybe even get my hair cut.  I get to wake up, at the start of each day, surrounded by all the things and people I love most.  I get to eat oatmeal. Drink coffee. Take a walk.  Complain about the all the things I need to be doing.  I get to live my “normal” life. Over and over.  Day after day. For a bit.

Right now I can’t think of any feeling more thankful than that.

Penny Dreadful being an Indienext pick for winter is just the icing on the cake!

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