Sleep when you can…

I’m in what you call “the thick of it” now.  Last week I was in Baltimore for a three day school visit. Then I came home to finish/turn in my new novel.   This weekend I’m in DC, and next week I have to finish/revise my new picture book.  Next weekend I’m in Mississippi…

And so it will go until December 6, when I return in the morning from St Louis, to spend my evening at the Atlanta Press Club Holiday Party.  After that I plan to fall over in a heap.

But I will add that I have a mantra for each trip: “come home rested.”  I’ve returned to my most important early-baby-having-lesson (sleep when you can).   Because all of my trips are weekends, and because I have to wake up at home each Monday, with two little monkeys jumping around me, this is critical, that I NOT come home from each weekend tired.

So I am trying my best to do just that.  To spend the non-work time in each city reading, sleeping, eating healthy food, going for walks, attempting to stay sane.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Anjali Says:

    That IS quite a schedule! Bring a pillow.

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