A few cool things…


One cool thing…

Is that I cut up a copy of my book of poems, and stuck the bits of paper to lightswitch plates, and sent them to the stupendous Amy Guth, who auctioned them off as part of the new literary festival she just invented (I *told you she was stupendous)… and someone paid FIFTY BUCKS for my “art”.  A small drop in the bucket (the auction benefitted the decimated New Orleans libraries) but the night was a smashing success, as Miz Guth raised FOUR GRAND!  So I’m very happy to have had a tiny finger in the philanthropic pie.  GO AMY!

Another cool thing…

Is that my family is the best. We had a “staycation” this weekend, with adventures in a community garden, a forest, and other points of interest. We did not eat out and we did not spend money frivolously and we had a ton of fun.  I plan to “staycation” as often as possible from now on.

 A third cool thing…

Is  The Wire.  I watched the end of season four this week and I cannot shake it, and I’m so upset, and now I want to get a job in local government or something, and THAT, my friends, is good teevee.

And a fourth cool thing is Memorial Day!  How did you celebrate? 

 I mostly ate cake and chips and watermelon, and lolled about.  Though I do have some interesting WWII grandpas (one grandfather was a zeppelin flyer and another was a pediatrician in the south seas, no joke), they did not die in the war. They went on to live rich lives, and to tease me mercilessly.

And though you may not realize this… Memorial Day is NOT the day to honor your grandpa (any more than other days), unless you are either very old, or never knew the man.  This holiday is for the war dead (also white shoes, opening-day-at-the-pool, and BBQs), folks who died in combat.  Veteran’s Day is for your grandpa.

Not to mention his birthday, yo.

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  1. Suzanne :: Adventures in Daily Living :: Says:

    Thanks for mentioning the white shoes. Sometimes I feel as if I am the only person left who remembers that.

  2. deborah Says:

    I’m so durned excited you are using WordPress! Leaving comments on Blogger blogs is a big ol’ pain.

    Here’s to staycations. I want to have one of those soon.

    We started season 1 of The Wire. So, so good.

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