A Choco-sweeeeeet New Year!!!

Back from the road (for a minute) and it was a wonderful trip. I got to spend some time with my family, and I got to have the holiday with my dad, at the synagogue I grew up with (and that grew up with me).

But I also got to visit LITITZ!  One of the most adorable towns in the world, which is home to Aaron’s Books, one of the best bookstores in the world, sponsor of one of the most fun children’s book festivals in the world! It was great to hang out with  Sam, Todd, and Aaron (the family that owns the shop) as well as the other authors. Plus,  Lititz House,  the B&B where I stayed was a dreeeeeeam.

But perhaps the most incredible thing about Lititz is the chocolate factory at the center of town. I didn’t get to tour it, but it didn’t matter, because everywhere you go there is chocolate.  Yes, indeed, there are WILBUR BUDS all over town. People pretty much pelt you with them.  You HAVE to eat them. If you didn’t you would be rude.

Which is why I came home 7 pounds heavier than I left.  It is NOT MY FAULT!

I don’t have pictures of the trip, sadly, because I left my camera with Mose, a budding photographer, so you’ll have to go peek at Mitali’s.   But really, it was a wonderful trip, and I am deeply grateful to Aarons!

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  1. Matt Phelan Says:

    Lititz is ridiculously pleasant. I want to go back to that B&B just for the front porch.

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